Selasa, 18 April 2017

Feeling Grateful to Others

Hello,,, It's me,, :D
I wanna tell you my story, i don't care if you don't want to know, just leave! But before leave you must read my story anyway no matter how :D

If you checked my last post titled "Dewa Athena" you will know what i'm gonna share to you. Ummm, Well, you might have known from the tittle anyway :/

                On Friday 24th March, after the report card distribution, my family except my sister and I went to East Java to attend my cousin's wedding party. My sister can't go because she should take some exams in her University. If you think I was at home with her when my family went to East Java, You are completely wrong! She lived in the University's dorm that time. So yeah , I WAS AT HOME ALONE! The worse thing was I should troubling my neighbour to pick me up to school, it made me feel bad to them. However, they had no difficulty and forced me to tell them if I want to going somewhere, so they can pick me up. So kind right?

Saturday, 25th March 2017, the first day of Dewa Athena, My Family had gone to East Java. I should go to school at 7.30, but i went there at 5.30 and arrived at 6. It was because I didn't want to troubling my neighbour. If I go a little late, the traffic would be busy and it would make them felt tired to pick me up to school. I went back home at 3 and arrived at 5 by public transportation. That night, I was feeling a little sick. So, I called my mother and she told me that she would tell my neighbour to pick my maid up because my mother didn't have my maid's phone number.

The next day, I had an appointment with my friends to work in group. The destination was about 10km (6,2 miles). The event would began at 9. At 7 a.m. my neighbour told me to tell them if I want to go somewhere like working in group. Not only that, they alsa gave me foods. The picture of the foods will be shown bellow XD. I took that picture to show my friends how kind my neighbour were. By the way let's just continue the story.

(My food Pict)

It was already 8.30 but I had not gone to my friend's house because I didn't tell my neighbour if I had an event, I didn't want to trouble them 🙁. I waited for my maid to show up so my neighbour didn't know if I go without the XD. But, I had been waiting for so long, so I decided to go to my friend's house by public transportation secretly so my neighbour won't notice that I wasn't home

I arrived at my friend's house at 9.30, yeah I know, I was late -.- . Before work in group, we decided to play Jenga game first. When i was playing Jenga, my neighbour called me. The asked if I was at home or not, i was being honest and tell them if I had a group's work. It was a bit embarrassing 😅. The group's work had been finished. I went back home. When i arrived, my maid had already there and told me that my neighbour had given us foods for dinner and breakfast on the next day. It were soto and fried Chicken. If you don't know soto, just search it on google, it was a tasty food!

On the next day, i went to school with my neighbour again :/. I really missed my parents that time. The school had been ended. I went back home by bus. However, to go to the bus stop i need to use angkot ("angutan kota", it was a public transportation) and walking on foot for 500 m. When I was at angkot, it rained. It was a heavy rain and I didn't bring my umbrella, so when I was walking, I was caught in the rain. When I was at the bus, everybody were starring at me because i was drenched. When i arrived at home, there were some foods again from my neighbour. My parents would came home on Tuesday so i did the activity until Tuesday. Went to school with my neighbour - went home - had some foods from my neighbour. 

So that was my story, my neighbour were so kind to me, they picked me up to school, gave me foods and checked my condition. I was feeling grateful to them that time. Thanks God for gave me very kind neighbour.

-All the loveXX

Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena | Sport Competition of SMAN 3 Bandung

HI Guys! Today i want to tell you about an event from my school.
You might be curious right? 
Wait, what? You don't want to know?

Dewa Athena is an event made by SMA Negeri 3 bandung. "Dewa" means "Male Greek God" and Athena is a Greek God of wisdom and strategy, Athena is female (for your information). However, Athena isn't the Goddess of Sport, The God of Sport in ancient Greek mythology is Hermes. So i think the name of the event wasn't compatible with the event itself. Anyway, Dewa Athena is a sport competition between classes of same generation in SMAN 3 Bandung. For 3’2018 generation, it held on Thursday, 23rd of March till Friday, 24th of March 2017. For my generation, 3’2019, it held on 25th of March, 1st April, and the final will be held on next Saturday, 8th April. 

Saturday, 25th of March, The event began at 7.30 a.m., however, I went to SMAN 3 at 5.30 and arrived at six. I know right, It was so early. For your information, It because I didn’t go to school by myself because my home is 14km far from my school, and I didn’t go with my parents because they went to East Java that time, so I was home alone for 3 days. I went to school with my neighbor, so I should went to SMAN 3 earlier. They were so kind to me, they gave me breakfast and forced me to tell them if i need to go somewhere, so they can pick me up. I feeling really grateful to them. So yeah, anyway, I waited for the event to begin for one and half hours. It was so boring and creepy at my school since I was alone there. Luckily, my friends who live closer to the school arrived, so I wasn’t alone anymore. We went to Lapangan Bali since the event would be held there. 

At 7.30 the event began, the whole students assembled with their own class. There was an “LO” , he is the one who will given us information about the game or competition that we should attend. The first two games were holding in the same time, so my class divided into 2 groups, one saw the Girls Badminton competition and the other saw Gobak Sodor competition. It’s okay if you don’t know what is gobak sodor, I think it is an typical game of asian or Malays. FYI, it is a game which need more than 2 peoples. It’s attended by 2 different groups. One groups guard the way to finish likes a gate and another groups attempted to go through them without getting touch from the other group. If the competitor reaches the finish, he/she should go back to the start by passing the other groups again, if it works, your groups will get a point for each member who can go back to the start. If 3 members or the whole members getting touch, the first round end and will be began again another round which the guard team on the 1st round will be the evaders, or the one who attempted to go to the finish and back, and the other group who originally the evaders team on the 1st round will be the guards. That was my explanation about Gobak Sodor, a bit too long I think .-. if you don’t understand what I explained just go search it on google :/ . Let’s just continue to the story.

My friends and I went to bangsal to see my friend who will be the badminton game participants. Sadly, They lose. I really want to play badminton since the last time I play was about 4 years ago. So, I played badminton outside with my friend and I really like to play it. After that my friends and I watched another game that my class joined like relay race, tug of war, volley, dodgeball and basket. I played the dodgeball game but we lose. I think I suck at this game :/. My class just won one game at that time, it was volley. Next volley round will be began next Saturday, 1st April. I went back home by public transportation, total fee from my school to my house is 16.000 IDR, or about 1,6 USD. I know it wasn’t very important, just sharing some information with you guys lol. 

On Saturday, 1st April, the event continued. It was a bad day for me, I don’t think you want to know lol, but I will tell you anyway. The day began with me who was late to go to school. Don’t think you want to know how late I was, it was 5 minutes late fyi :D. don’t worry, it wasn’t the worst thing on that day. That day, my class just need to attend a few game. That were volley, male badminton, and soccer. So, I just played some game with my friends that day like volley and badminton. The soccer competition which joined by my class lose. The opponent was X Science 11 or you can call it X Accel. The best player from the opponent I think was Ziyad, he is our ex-class members and Football Captain while in SMP (Junior High School). However, we won on the 1st volley game that day and will be played again at 2 p.m. One of the player form my class, should played at badminton game first, and sadly they failed, they lose, so sad right?! Then we played the 2nd volley game, I think it was semifinals. Our opponent was X Science 8. The first round we lose, the scores were really close L. However, the 2nd round we won, yeayy. So it was tied and we held the 3rd round. The 3rd round we lose again the scores were 15-13, really close right? I was feel bad for my class because I was played the volley game, and you know what? I was so suck at that, I can’t even do serve or do pass. Yeah, I feel really bad L. The event ended at 3.30 p.m. But, after the event ended, I had another event with my extracurricular friends, and it was fun. I arrived at home at 7 p.m, it was the most exhausting day ever.

Well, i know there are no pictures on this post unlike the other posts, sorry then. Anyway, who cares? lol

All the love xx

Senin, 06 Maret 2017

Crossword Games, Let's Play!

2.  A piece of wax, lead, or other material with an individual design stamped into it, attached to a document as a guarantee of authenticity.
3. A musical instrument played by striking a row of wooden bars of graduated length with one or more small wooden or plastic beaters.
5. A word used to describe an action, state, or accurrence, and forming the main part of predicate of a sentence
6. Usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels and worn by a king or a queen.
7. An intentionally false statement.
11. A series of thoughts and fantasy occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.
13. Teacher of SMAN 3 Bandung which is known as a fan of Bandung’s Football Team, PERSIB
15. Physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted
16. A cutlery that has two or more prongs
17. Thing that we do when wearing lace-up shoes.
18. Dance with leaping movements, as known as “Irish dance”
19. to hit something gently, and often repeatedly, especially making short, sharp noises.
21. Daughter of your brother or sister
22. A small object produced by a plant from which a new plant can grow.
25. Red thing that appear when you get injured

VERTICAL             :
1. Synonym of “cancel”
2. Trigonometry which equal to Side of triangle divided by the hypotenuse.
4. Westernization is the adverse impact of ….
8. American sci-fi movie directed by Steven Spielberg, titled “…….. the Extra Terrestrial”
9. Expressing motion in the direction of a particular location, “zu” in German Language.
10. Extremely good; marvellous
12. Song which cover recorded by One Direction, “One … or Another”
14. 21 September, “… day”
17. Playground games that involves one or more players chasing other players in attempt to touch them.
20. a small bowl-shaped for drinking from, especially for drinking tea
22. Star which surrounded by earth
23. Smaller species of pigeon called…
24. [mass noun] identification, indentity

Learning from Nature

                Nature is the physical world and everything in it, place where we live and fulfill our needs. Nature provide everything for us, such as water, foods, clothing, and many materials, but what we do to reciprocate them? Nothing. At this time, there are more people who destroy the nature instead of caring them. Why they do that? Why they destroy it? What will happen then?

                Many people doesn’t know the importance of nature to their lives. NO! OUR LIVES! We depend on nature not vice versa. We can’t live without nature. Long time ago, many people really care of nature, because they knew that they cannot live without it and their descendants will need it, so they take care of nature for their descendants. They were not greedy. They exploit it as needed, not excessive, so that their descendants can also use it. How about now? How about NO! Now, many people ignore it. They took everything. There are overexploitation everywhere. They cutting down trees to create a huge place to live, however it’s too huge for them. They also exploit nature excessively just for make them looking good than others. Actually it’s not! What they do is destroy nature just for greed. What do you feel about it? Many people ignore it, and the others just “like”,”favorite”, and “share”, we need the real action! Not a “like” or “share” in social media!

Image Source :
                 Today, many people can use water as many as they want. Have you ever see African people? They must struggle to get clean water. It’s really hard to get it. There are many pollutions going on, such as air pollution and light pollution. Long time ago, we can see many stars at night in any places without any telescope. Now, so many light pollution, it’s hard to see a star although with a telescope. How about air pollution? You know asthma? Asthma is a specific respiratory problem. Long time ago, asthma was a rare diseases. Today, asthma may affect as many as 334 million people and prevalence is rising. It is estimated that the number of people with asthma will grow by more than 100 million by 2025. It is one of the consequences of air pollution. There were less pollution many years ago. Now, there are pollution everywhere. Is that bad? Yes, it’s really bad. Can you imagine how our descendants will live with this pollution that will increase anytime? Do you want your descendants suffer? Today, we still can use water easily and breathe easily. How about 20 years later? Is it still easy? Many years later, there are water crisis everywhere, we can’t breathe easily because the air is contaminated by the pollution. Air is rare, disease everywhere. Maybe later, air won’t free anymore, we should pay for it. No one will have teeth or hair, or maybe human will be extinct. Hunger, violent, and greed would be rampant. 

                How to stop it? What can we do to prevent that happening? Is it too late? No, it’s not late. We can do something. Stop illegal logging, so there are many tree to prevent floods and landslides. The air will also be clean and we can breathe easily. Stop overexploitation, so there are many things our descendants can use. Don’t waste a land just for greedy! Create a high house instead of comprehensive house, so there are areas for planting. You also can do a simple way such as not littering. Therefore, our nature will stay clean. If you think littering is fine if it’s a small trash like candy wrapper, then imagine if everyone in the world or more that 7 billion people do that. Is that still fine? Another things that can we do is don’t waste water, use it as needed, don’t be greedy. Do recycling especially plastic, instead of wasting it, or it will be better if you do not use plastic. You can use paper bag or tote bag to go shopping instead of using a plastic. Wake up! We need a real action!

                What do you prefer? A world with pollution everywhere, water crisis, no free air, disease everywhere, global warming, and misery everywhere, or a world that has clean water, clean air, less pollution, free air, calm, and peaceful? You prefer the second one, don’t you? If so, let’s do the real action! Is not too late, you can begin with a simple one. The longer the time pass, the world will be better if we care about nature and not greedy. It’s not only for ourselves, it’s for our descendants too. More and more people care for nature, the better our world will be.